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31 Lessons 31 Years Young

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October 18, 20223 min read

Alrighty! Below are 31 lessons learned over the past 31 years of life, enjoy!

  1. Don’t follow your dreams, take consistent action towards your dreams.

  2. Sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term sustainable gratification.

  3. Learn from failures & setbacks it’s a sign a goal has been set.

  4. Let go to grow, be willing to let go of people who aren’t fostering growth with you.

  5. You only live one life, no regrets

  6. Success to me is now becoming how I feel & think about myself when I am alone. Internal peace is greater than money.

  7. If you build it they will not come lol. Starting a business, the skill of marketing is a must.

  8. Don’t listen to other peoples advice who haven’t done what you are going for. Right?!

  9. No one can make me feel or think anything besides me.

  10. There is no good/bad, right/wrong, should/shouldn’t, etc. it just IS. Let go of these societal meanings putting you in a box.

  11. It’s okay to work on my birthday

  12. Be willing to sacrifice now for greater gains later.

  13. Relationships are everything, I love you mom, dad, Abbie & Clare

  14. Challenge the people around you, they will appreciate you more or that’s one less person holding you back.

  15. A thought or learning without action is still just a thought.

  16. As I randomly write this list my next lesson is that I am a BOSS. So, give yourself credit

  17. On days when you don’t feel “good” that’s when you really have the opportunity to grow.

  18. Consistent sleep schedule (even on the weekend) is absolutely key to consistent energy.

  19. As I get older, my circle becomes smaller

  20. I used to spend 2 hours doing a morning routine to get my mind right. Now, it’s just a cup of coffee & action because action trumps everything.

  21. Put yourself first. Not from a self-ish standpoint, but from a mindset of the more I am on point the greater I can be present, give attention & just be with that person.

  22. Men age really well LOL

  23. Stop comparing ourselves to others or where we “should” be. When we die, we will be forgotten at some point. Keep your energy & focus on the things that matter now.

  24. Hot yoga has been a game changer for my focus. When my balance is off it’s because im not focused. Find activities that fill you up.

  25. Everyone has the same amount of time. Jeff Bezos & Warren Buffet included. Find the highest LEVERAGE activities and stay focused on those.

  26. Kobe Bryant really impacted me. He became one of the greatest of all time then transitioned into entrepreneurship becoming one of the best. We can do anything we set our mind to.

  27. Invite struggles, bad days, losses, etc. Again, that is where growth lives FAST.

  28. Find people who have done what you want. Pay them for their time and speed up your learning curve.

  29. Traditional education is cool (I have a masters degree) but nothing beats taking action in the real world.

  30. At the end of the day, money is just energy. It will come but it’s not everything.

  31. Be consistent, okay with boredom & focus on the highest leverage activities with the greatest ROI and you will become successful.



DEFINE what success means to you. Happiness, love and etc. don’t let others take that from you.

Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan is the Founder/CEO of Atlanta Personal Fitness. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 12+ years in the Fitness Industry and has coached thousands of clients to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He also has two gigantic golden-doodles and loves a good cup of coffee.

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