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5 Benefits of Strength Training For Women

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October 25, 20221 min read

Alright ladies whether you are currently strength training or not hopefully this helps you continue or start!

Below are 5 major benefits of strength training for you!

1️⃣Improved Fat Loss

Lifting weights helps you build lean muscle.

Cardio burns more calories during the session but strength training burns more calories over time.

2️⃣Enhance’s Mood & Reduces Stress

Weight lifting releases feel good endorphins, especially when seeing progress in your strength!

Stress is also energy, release it lifting heavy!

3️⃣Gain Strength WITHOUT BULKING

You will only get “bulky” if you are eating in a surplus, lifting excessively & very consistent on those two things.

4️⃣Reduces Risk of Injury, Arthritis & More

As shown in the research, strength training is great for reducing risk of arthritis or decreasing the symptoms.

Weight lifting also reduces risk of injury due to strengthening of the muscles, tendons, ligaments & so on.

5️⃣Reduces CRAMPING Symptoms

Alright ladies, this is a big one!

Strength training can reduce the symptoms of cramping, bloating & all the fun stuff that comes with the “.” LOL.

And, just in general will reduce these symptoms.

There you go!

Now, just because 5 are up there don't think there isnt more!

Strength training is such a beautiful activity and it takes time to develop just like any other skill.

Be patient, hire a personal trainer and enjoy!

Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan is the Founder/CEO of Atlanta Personal Fitness. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 12+ years in the Fitness Industry and has coached thousands of clients to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He also has two gigantic golden-doodles and loves a good cup of coffee.

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