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October 11, 20221 min read

Atlanta Personal Fitness's Philosophy on Diets...

Ryan, the owner went through a period of his life with disordered eating to be transparent.

Felt self-conscious that prevented him from going to certain social events and etc.

During that time period he tried EVERY DIET.

The pattern found was this...





So, here is our philosophy:

We don't ever recommend to anyone any specific diet like Keto, Vegan, Low-Carb, etc.

Instead, we take a HABIT STACKING APPROACH combined with MASTER COACHING.

Here's why that works:

A habit is something we do without thinking about it, its automatic.

A diet is something we consistently have to FORCE ourselves to either do or not do, therefore not automatic and RELIES ON WILLPOWER.

Aren't you tired of gaining and losing?

Starting and stopping?

Hopping from one diet to the next?

Reach out to us, we are here to help :)

Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan is the Founder/CEO of Atlanta Personal Fitness. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 12+ years in the Fitness Industry and has coached thousands of clients to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He also has two gigantic golden-doodles and loves a good cup of coffee.

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