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Gym Anxiety is Real!

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September 27, 20222 min read

Ever walk into a gym (or even before) feeling kinda weird or jittery?

Then this read is for you!

Members end up joining our personal training gym at Atlanta Personal Fitness because they feel comfortable working out here.

What's the secret?

Finding an intimate, personalized and judgement free place where you can consistently feel the same energy each time.

So, do you currently go somewhere where you feel anxiety when walking in?

If so, you are not alone!

But, here's the good news.

You just gotta find that place where you will feel comfortable, its out there!

Here are some tips for you...

Tip #1 Know You

Do you have a preference as an introvert and/or extrovert?

If you identify as an introvert, you would probably do great wit 1-1 personal training or a private training facility by appointment only (

If you identify as an extrovert, you probably would shine in a big box gym or group training.

Tip #2 Experiment

If you are unsure, go into different gyms and see how you feel.

If you walk into a crowded LA Fitness and feel anxiety, probably not the place for you.

On the flip side, if you walk into a private training facility (appointment only) and feel good, probably a great option!

To be transparent, you WILL pay more for a private training facility. Its essentially an upscale club but its worth it.

Tip #3 Don't Settle

Health is such an amazing investment.

In my bias opinion, its the core of an amazing quality of life.

The healthier and fit we are the more energy, better mood and etc. we have.

Why not invest in your health?

Meaning, if you feel like hiring a personal trainer or joining a private training facility is best and where you feel most comfortable, go for it!

On average you are looking at $300-$600 per month for a legit personal training studio.

Thats a pretty darn decent car payment but aren't you worth it?

What next?

Do your research.

If you are serious about getting your health back on track or to the next level then get ready to invest in it.

Find that place where you feel comfortable, spend the extra bucks, its worth it!



If you are int the ATL area and want to learn more about our personal training services just visit our website, click book now and we will be in touch!

Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan is the Founder/CEO of Atlanta Personal Fitness. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 12+ years in the Fitness Industry and has coached thousands of clients to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He also has two gigantic golden-doodles and loves a good cup of coffee.

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