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5 Simple Ways To Decrease Soreness

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September 10, 20223 min read

So its been a minute, your a beginner or just sore lol!

We get this question/objection all the time...

"I just don't want to be sore"


"I feel like I need to get in shape before I start with a personal trainer."

Here's what to do..

Find the right trainer who will meet you where you are at.

Alright Ryan, thats cool and all but spill the beans already!

Got you.

5 Ways To Decrease Soreness:

  1. Listen to your body during the workout

  2. Eat a high protein meal(s) post workout

  3. Hydrate overload

  4. Sleep & Recovery

  5. Move!

Let me break it down for you right quick...

Listen To Your Body During the Workout

I have trained the MLB professional baseball player to the 8 year old with cerebral palsy.

The point is, whoever you are when you first start back you have to listen to your body and take it easy.

Why do you expect not to be sore if you haven't lifted a weight in years and you are doing burpees and maxing out on your deadlift? lol.

The goal of your first workout is to get it done feeling more energized than when you started. PERIOD.

Go into the first couple workouts with the mindset of I am going to maybe go 60-70% of my actual intensity.

Eat a Hight Protein Meal(s) Post Workout

Protein helps muscle tissue form faster and repair among hundreds of other benefits.

Women aim for .8 x your bodyweight in grams of protein on a daily basis if you are resistance training.

Men aim for 1.0 x your bodyweight in grams of protein on a daily basis.

Especially after your workout so that you are refueling your body to repair faster and decrease soreness.

Hydrate Overload

Drinking water helps with so many things!

Among the many are helping with circulation of nutrients throughout your muscles and body.

Drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces on a daily basis and more when just starting to workout again.

Sleep & Recovery

Okay, this isn't some sexy answer right here.

But, look at rich people...

They do the same simple boring things that work more and longer than poor people.

Same thing applies to your health.

Sleep 6-8 hours (or more) especially more if you are just starting to train again so your body can recover and do recovery strategies like massage, foam rolling, stretching and so on.

Create an evening routine that allows you to relax so you can fall asleep faster and have better quality of sleep like dimming the lights and shutting off electronics and reading a book or talking to your loved ones instead.


The worst thing you can do when sore is to sit and not move, LOL.

I know it hurts (or will) but you have to keep your body moving.

Its going to increase your circulation which therefore will increase the speed of recovery getting the lactic acid and all the things that make your body feel sore detoxed faster.

Plus movement is just great from a mental health standpoint.

I wrote about one of the secret ingredients we tell our members who get amazing results is to just simply move more on a consistent daily basis which helps with weight management so much!

Alrighty, there you go!

5 simple strategies you can do now to help decrease soreness after starting back up again.

Plus a wealth of health & fitness knowledge I just weaved in throughout (your welcome).

But one last thing.

Pro Tip: Focus on ONLY the next step.

Not a day or two out that you will be sore.

Focus on starting.

Getting in your first workout and building momentum.

Then focus on the next step after that, not step 17.

The soreness can be decreased so worry about that when it comes.

Peace out!



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Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan is the Founder/CEO of Atlanta Personal Fitness. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 12+ years in the Fitness Industry and has coached thousands of clients to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He also has two gigantic golden-doodles and loves a good cup of coffee.

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