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The best part about it is that you can get results in advance and try us out with our intro 6-Week Transformation Program where you get to experience the difference between Atlanta Personal Fitness and other gyms. If for any reason you’re not over-the-top satisfied by your experience at APF within your first 42 days, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked (apart from how we can improve and become better). Seriously. 


Our number one commitment is to your success. We’re not satisfied until you’re loving your experience and results. In fact, if we’re not the right fit, we’ll even help you find somewhere that is. Why would we do that? Because we have nothing but love for you and want the best for you.

Over Your Risk Free 42 Day Transformation Program You Get...

18 Personal Training Sessions

Customized Nutrition Plan

1-1 Accountability Coach

Results Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


Some Of Our 6-Week Transformation Alumni's

Just A Few Of Our Member

Body Transformations


Inches lost

Skin Glowing

Member over 1-year!


13lbs down in 6-weeks

Better Posture & More Muscular

Back in shape to do things he loves


PCOS BUT 26lbs down in 26-weeks

More Confident, FIT & Healthy

APF Member for over 1-year


100lbs+ Down in 1-Year

Graduate Student, Full-Time Worker

Went all in and began to inspire others!


Gained 8lbs of Muscle in 6-weeks

Full-Time Worker, Single Mom

Skin Glowing, More Confident & On FIRE!


Gained Massive Muscle in 6-weeks

Real Estate Agent + Boyfriend

Healthier, Fit & Stronger!!



Lost 8lbs in 4-weeks

More Confident, More Energy & FIT BODY


Lost 13lbs

Getting Ready For Her Wedding!

In 12-weeks she transformed her body!!!


Lost 8lbs in 4-weeks

Full-Time Worker, Single Mom

More Confident, More Energy & FIT BODY


Lost 22lbs+

Full-Time Worker, Single Mom

More Confident, More Energy & FIT BODY


Lost Massive inches!

So much Stronger, Confident & PROUD

APF Member over 1-Year


Inches Down!

13lbs Down in 6-Weeks

Skin cleared, better posture and stronger!!



Our 3 Pillars of Success


You get 18 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions (3x per week) that are customized to your specific goals, progressive every workout and ultimately designed to build muscle, burn fat and get you strong. You train alongside a max of 5 other challengers (intimate NOT a group class) gaining accountability buddies and friendships for a lifetime!


We don't believe in fad diets, quick fixes or restriction (obvs!). We do believe that nutrition needs to be enjoyable, easy to follow and something that you can learn with us and maintain it the rest of your life! Every new members get a complimentary 1-1 nutrition orientation with the owner who has his Masters Degree & Certifications to customize your plan.


Imagine having an EXPERT (not youtube, influencers or google) in your back pocket when you have questions, hit a platuea or need something changed. No more guesswork, feeling overwhelmed or giving up! Every new member gets assigned their own 1-1 accountability coach to help you acheive your goals which is something we have done thousands of times!

18 Personal Training Sessions

Full Body Strength Training & Toning

Accountability Buddies for Life

Customized Nutrition Plan

Personalized Grocery List

Eating Out Guide (gotta have fun)

1-1 Expert Accountability Coach

APF Branded APP Tracking Progress

FREE State of the Art Inbody Body Analysis

"Iv'e tried every diet under the sun and fitness programs. Working with Ryan was my final stop. I am WAY more confident, have so much more energy to be doing the things I want to and can't thank y'all enough for changing me life."


100lbs+ Weight Loss

"Both myself and the people around me have noticed how much more confident I am. Basically the way I approach things now is with the mentality that I can do anything. Health wise, my thyroid hormone levels have been stable for 2+yrs."

- Yaremis

100lbs+ Weight Loss



Get the coaching, support and guidance (you need) to help you get lean, build muscle and take control of your body. The accountability, community, tools, and strategies for you to keep the results for good.

Backed by science, proven over 10-years with results with real clients from every walk of life. Become the next success story by joining today.



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